ABA Indústria Metalúrgica started operations in November 1986, with the aim of offering differentiated solutions that meet the expectations of customers and partners. It has a factory park for production and testing of products with quality machines and technology. With constant investments in improvements, always working with customers in the development of new products, this structure has enabled increasing results, through products of recognized quality used in the agricultural, road, industrial and cargo handling segments.

Our compromise:

Offer short-term delivery for line products;

Have a competent team for product development and customization attentive to the different market segments;

Sales engineering team trained and qualified for local advisory on product application;

Manufactured product guarantee and excellent business policy;

Introduce new products in a consistent manner, attentive to customer demands.


Warranty Period:
Until the date stated on the part, 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  Next to the Valve Code is the OS (Service Order) number.
Losses of guarantee:
-Opening of valves without warning.
-Valves with fluid contaminated by solid particles, causing wear.


Being a quality company that presents complete solutions to customers.


To be recognized internationally as a quality company with differentiated products and services.

Quality policy

ABA maintains a policy and organization focused on total quality with the objective of being a company that presents solutions in the area of hydraulic valves for the road, agricultural and industrial market with commitment of continuous improvement.

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